Our Competencies

BlueOcean has experience with the development and implementation of custom software solutions to support internal business processes, such as
Anti-Counterfeiting, Brand- Protection, Anti-Money-Laundering, Issue and Risk Management as well as general solutions for Social Media Monitoring and Web Intelligence. We use the latest semantic web technologies and work closely with the leading experts and companies in the world together in the field of artificial intelligence. To support your business processes, we offer both turnkey systems and interfaces as well as consulting expertise within individual projects and a wide range of services in this area. [More ...]
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Semantic Business Solutions

BlueOcean advises companies with the use of Web-based data and the use of semantic technologies for the optimization of customized business processes. We support enterprises in the development, the monitoring, the analysis and especially the use of data for highly specific business processes. Here are internet data such as social media's and stakeholders on the one hand and subject-specific internal data sources on the other hand in the foreground. We combine semantic Web technology and consulting skills with years of market experience in marketing, market research, business intelligence, content management, CRM and industry expertise in the sectors of insurance, banking, pharmaceutical, life science, FMCG, retail, travel and leisure. We identify and understand data content accurately and in real time and perform these processes to your business -thanks to semantic technologies. [More ...]

Semantic Technologies

One of the main factors affecting competition is the discovery, preservation and use of knowledge today. The challenge lies not so much in the collection and accumulation of data but much more in the effective selection of knowledge which is required  just for your particular business process and the targeted retrieval and processing of relevant data for your process in realtime. This challenge can be addressed with intelligent IT-based knowledge management solutions. In addition to the effective selection, preparation and presentation of these data it is mainly the easy implementation into existing business processes and user- friendliness. An ideal application for semantic technologies.
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The Blue Ocean-Strategy

The so-called Blue Ocean Strategy comes from the area of strategic marketing. It represents a method to develop sustainable and profitable business models. The basic idea is that the focus is not only on competition which makes up about the long-term success of a company, but rather by the development of new markets and innovative business processes (so called Blue Oceans) which sustainable success can be achieved. We at Blue Ocean SBC support our customers with the help of semantic technologies to identify, make and develop such new markets. In addition, we advise our customers to optimize existing business processes to address undeveloped markets effectively.
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Semantic Business Consulting
Semantische Technologie
Blue Ocean Strategie